Roles & Responsibilities. Join us!

The Staffies of Spark are instrumental to the success of the entire camp. Along with having a fantastic time, Staffies must lead by example and keep in mind the effect their mentoring can have on students. Mentors are expected to lead with enthusiasm, relate their own University experiences and speak about their own lessons learnt. Throughout the week at Spark, staff will live on campus as part of the mentoring experience. Student focus is the primary target of the camp and should be the motivation for joining the mentoring team.

The Spark Training Program will provide its mentors with the confidence to tackle any situation that could arise on camp. Three comprehensive training days develop the skills of the mentors in areas that are vital for the week. The skills learnt will not only be required for Spark, but will also carry over well into an engineering career.

Spark also has a range of organising committees that work behind the scenes to ensure the camps are able to run successfully. These committees are year long commitments, but allow committee members to get an insight into the logistics and challenges required to run the camps.

Eligibility. What does it take?


What do you need to be a Spark mentor?

  1. Aged between 18 and 26.

  2. Attending or already graduated from University.

  3. A member of Youth Without Borders (Please note that it is Free to be a member! Membership applications may be found here).

It is preferable that you should be in an engineering-related field, but the camp is not closed to engineering students only. Most importantly you must have a passion for engineering!

Promising applicants will be asked to attend a staff selection day. Selected staff are then required to attend three staff training days.

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Applications have now closed for the National and City committees.

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